Debunking Common Newborn Photo Myths: Is Your Baby Too Old for Newborn Pictures?

Is my baby too old for newborn pictures? A very common question asked about newborn photo sessions and a common newborn photography misconception.  

Newborn photography is a cherished art form for countless families. Capturing the delicate nature of a newborn in stunning images preserves precious memories for years to come. Typically, newborn photos are taken within the first two to three weeks of life when babies are at their sleepiest and naturally curl into adorable poses. However, there’s a common misconception that newborn photography is restricted to this narrow timeframe.

In reality, photographing older newborns, beyond the typical two to three-week window, is entirely feasible and can yield equally breathtaking and meaningful images for your family’s keepsake.

Although newborns are generally more flexible in their initial weeks, older newborns can still be gently posed akin to younger ones to produce captivating images. Experienced newborn photographers, such as myself, possess the expertise to safely pose older newborns in various positions that accentuate their features and highlight their irresistible charm. Among the most favorable poses for older newborns are wrapped poses, providing them with a snug and secure feeling.

Moreover, older newborns often begin to exhibit greater awareness. They may make eye contact or display subtle facial expressions that are undeniably adorable. Capturing these moments of awareness and engagement can result in extraordinary images that encapsulate their unique personalities.

How old is an older newborn?  Babies that are about 28 days to 7 weeks old!

Life changes drastically when a new baby comes into our lives and sometimes a newborn photo session is not the first thing that is thought of and time gets away from us.  If you are one of those people don’t fret!  There is a professional newborn photographer out there who would love to capture all those sweet details of your older newborn.  

So with all that being said, YES!  It is possible to get amazing images of your older newborn baby!  



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