Frequently Asked Questions

Newborn photography sessions are typically done within the first 21 days after the birth of your baby at my photography STUDIO in Farmingdale, NY. Once you have your baby you will contact me before you leave the hospital so that we can set up the session within that time period.  I know life can get crazy so don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re looking to book a session and your baby is already over 21 days old.  I know this does happen and I can still get beautiful images of your “older” newborn.  If your baby has to spend some time in the NICU we will then schedule based off of their release and medical clearance. 

Newborn sessions take place in my beautiful photography studio located in Farmingdale, NY

My photography studio allows me access to all of my newborn props and gives the most consistency and the most beautiful images for my clients to cherish forever.  Also, there’s no cleaning a house or trying to organize after having your baby (that can be super overwhelming and stressful!).  Come and relax, have some snacks and maybe some coffee or refreshments and let me handle the rest!  

The studio is kept at 80 degrees for the entire session so make sure you dress accordingly!  

The Petite Wrapped Newborn Session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.  

The Signature Newborn Session and Luxe Newborn Sessions run approximately 2-3 hours.

I highly recommend booking your newborn session in the beginning of your second trimester to ensure availability.  You’re also welcome to book before that as well! If you’re comfortable!  Also, I always try and accommodate any last minute bookings if my calendar allows it – I never want anyone to miss out! 

Parent are included in the Signature and Luxe newborn session packages and are available as an add on with the Petite Wrapped Newborn package. I always encourage parents to take pictures with their baby – Your little one is only this teeny tiny once and you will never get this time back!

Sibling images are included in the Signature and Luxe packages and available as an add on for the Petite Wrapped packages. Siblings are welcome to join us for the last 15-20 minutes of the session. 


Your newborn is my number-one priority and requires my full attention.  Newborns can sense when mamas are anxious and tense which can affect the session flow. I ask that Dads/Partners or family helpers drop mom and baby off at the beginning of the session and return at a designated time with the sibling/s. This will ensure a smooth and relaxing environment for everyone.  If you don’t live close no worries!  There’s plenty of food/coffee places nearby as well as stores and a neighborhood park to occupy the time.

Studio cleanliness and sanitizing is always a top priority but even more so during these times.  My studio is cleaned and sanitized before and after each session.  All upholstery is sprayed down and every surface that has been touched is wiped down and sanitized. All props are sprayed down and all wraps that can be washed are washed and all others are left outside to air out.  A HEPA air filter runs at all times.