“Me Time” Indulgences – Coffee

Why do I feel like I have no time for ME?!!!

I believe that many of us, especially new moms and moms adding to their tribe, don’t take the time to slow down and just be.  I am definitely a culprit of that with 4 kids and a small business owner.

We all have small things that help us decompress or just get us through our day a little easier, for me it’s coffee.  Coffee is a very broad thing, in my case I drink black coffee all throughout the day BUT my favorite part of the day is being able to step away from what I’m doing, drive to my favorite coffee shop and get a fantastic quiet treat – the latte.

There’s just something really soothing and calming about the pretty latte and the smooth taste.  It may sound silly but it really does help me reset and be able to take on more of the day in a more positive way which makes it my favorite “Me Time” indulgence.  I really think it’s important, especially in this day and age, to have some kind of “Me Time” indulgence.

My business deals specifically with new moms and moms that are growing their families even more and I really feel it’s SO important to find those things.  You need to take that time to find something for you that might be calming or help you reset because as a mom we know how hard and overwhelming this time can be.

What’s your favorite “Me Time” indulgence?

I hope it’s something really awesome that really boosts your day and positivity!

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