Nesting – Preparing for Your Newborn’s Arrival 

Your newborn baby’s arrival is coming!

Are you having an urge to clean and organize while you’re pregnant?  Do you have this need to get your home ready for the arrival of your newborn?  Then you are head first into nesting mode!

What is Nesting?  Nesting is a part of pregnancy where we are getting ready for the arrival of our baby.  Nesting usually peaks in the 3rd trimester, a few weeks before baby’s arrival.  Some even think that nesting is a sign of labor bc of the bursts of energy that tend to happen late in pregnancy.  Nesting is also known to reduce stress and increase our feelings of control.

Nesting is a great because it gets us ready (or as ready as we can be) for the transition into have a new baby in our house.  A great way to get ready is to have a checklist so you can use those bursts of energy productively!  

Here are some ideas for your nesting checklist:

  1. Make sure you have all your kitchen essentials.  Meaning make sure your kitchen is stocked with food and necessities.  Be sure to have paper plates, paper cups, and plastic utensils so you have less to clean!
  2. Make sure your hospital bag is packed and ready to go with all your essentials and essentials for baby too!  Be sure to pack that first newborn outfit for your baby!
  3. Create a contact sheet – The people you need to contact once baby arrives, etc.
  4. Wash essential newborn clothes – newborn pajamas, newborn onesies, newborn mittens.
  5. Make sure you get some rest if you can!!
  6. Get your baby’s space/room ready to go; have your changing area setup with diapers, wipes, rash cream, and all other essentials.
  7. Get all your postpartum necessities – pads, loose pajamas, any essential breastfeeding items if you’re breastfeeding.
  8. Make sure you have all important baby items such baby monitor, extra diapers, burp clothes, newborn bath accessories, etc.
  9. Give your house a good cleaning!  You will definitely not want to be doing this once you bring your baby home so be sure to get a good cleaning in beforehand!

So if you are feeling all the feels of having to clean, organize and get ready then you are right smack in the nesting zone.  Nesting is an old wives’ tale and it is said once the urge for nesting begins, labor is coming soon! 

It is such an exciting time – Take advantage of those bursts of energy and know that nesting is just a great way to get yourself and your home safe and ready to welcome your newborn home!

Make sure your newborn photographer is on your contact list!



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