Pregnancy – The Love and Hate of it All

I wish I was one of those women who loved being pregnant but in reality that was not the case.  Now don’t get me wrong – There were parts I did love, getting the sonograms that kind of showed what your baby looks like and getting to feel those first movements and more aggressive movements throughout.

I actually only had one “regular” pregnancy out of technically four.  The regular pregnancy was my technical 3rd.  I went to 38 weeks, worked the whole time, felt good.  I went to a normal check up on my 38 week mark and found out I was already 5cm dilated and was sent off to the hospital to go have a baby!  I wasn’t feeling bad at all but my body internally had other ideas and I gave birth to a healthy 7.3 pound girl!

My first pregnancy was pretty normal until around 31 weeks when I was told my cervix was shortening (that’s never a good thing that early).  I was put on bed rest and then 2 weeks later we were told our baby wasn’t growing so we had to have her way early then expected to make sure she had a better chance on the outside.  That was a horrendous 5+ days in the hospital where we even fired our doctor at the time (that’s a story for another  day).  Our oldest girl was born at 3.8 pounds and spent 3 weeks in the NICU.

My second pregnancy didn’t work out  – The egg decided to attach in my fallopian tube and cause some havoc.  It burst my tube and caused me to bleed internally.  This is also known as an ectopic pregnancy and having the tube burst was a definite worst case scenario as well as not having the egg go where it’s supposed to and becoming our baby.  It was a long road after that but I do believe everything happens for a reason.

My last pregnancy was a surprise.  We already had a 7 year old and a 3 year old and we had given everything away when my youngest at the time turned 3 because I personally thought I wanted to be done having kids.  A month after I gave everything away I found out I was pregnant.  I went to the doctor thinking I knew how it was going to go – questions, sonogram, little sac and a tiny circle that’s a growing baby.  All that did happen but… there wasn’t one sack, there was TWO.  I didn’t think anything of it until my doctor asked what I saw – I was like I don’t know what am I supposed to be seeing??  He’s like there’s two there.  I’m like two what?!  He rolled his eyes and laughed and said there’s TWO babies!!  He was very proud that I kept my cursing to a minimum.  That pregnancy was normal until about the 23rd week where I was put on bed rest for yet again a shortened cervix and there I stayed for 13 weeks.  At 36 weeks I had my twins, healthy and just perfect.

It’s definitely been an interesting ride and all pregnancies are definitely unique unto themselves.  But in the end the hope is a healthy baby and thankfully even with hiccups along the way we have 4 healthy kids.  Obnoxious, but healthy lol.

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