Baby Led Posing – Why This is SO Important for Baby’s Safety

Have you ever heard the term “Baby Led Posing”?

Well if you haven’t lets take a minute and discuss why this is so important when it comes to newborn photography and your session.

Your precious newborn is a teeny tiny person, I think some photographers and parents forget that.  These little humans have preferences and likes and dislikes, it’s true!  Some poses aren’t good for certain babies, some babies have really bad gas or reflux or colic and some poses will bother them, some babies have hip issues, etc. and some poses aren’t good for them.

The thing is, as a professional and experienced newborn photographer, I take cues from my little clients on how I can pose them comfortably and safely.  Baby led posing basically means we pose based on what baby allows us to do and do safely.  We NEVER want to force a baby into a pose because that definitely isn’t safe.  I personally will never guarantee poses because of all these things above.  Some babies get a bit annoyed when we have to change their positions because they are all comfy and sleepy but we never want to force them into a position that is not safe for them and can potentially hurt them.  An experienced newborn photographer will know what is safe and what is not and will know what their tiny client will allow them to do.  A calm, sleepy baby is always key!

Remember these are little people with their own little personalities!  This is why it is so important that you do thorough research when searching for your newborn photographer!!  Safety first ALWAYS!!  These babies are your little miracle, let’s be sure we are treating them that way!


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