Capturing Precious Moments: The Best Time for Newborn Photos

As parents, we all yearn to freeze those fleeting moments of our newborn’s early days, cherishing every tiny detail and expression. Newborn photography has evolved into an art form, capturing the innocence and beauty of these early days. But when do we schedule a newborn photoshoot? Let’s delve into this question and explore why timing plays a crucial role in capturing those precious memories.

The First 21 Days: A Window of Opportunity

Many professional newborn photographers suggest scheduling newborn photos within the first two weeks of life.

As a highly experienced, professional newborn photographer I find that most babies can do most womb-like poses within the first 21 days after birth.  During this period, newborns are more likely to sleep deeply and curl up into those adorable, womb-like poses that define newborn photography. Their flexibility and willingness to be molded into various poses result in stunning and heartwarming photographs.  We do have to remember that every baby is different and no newborn photographer should ever force a baby into a pose.

Flexibility and Patience: Key Ingredients

While the first three weeks offer the best opportunity for newborn photography, every baby is unique. Some may be more cooperative or sleepier than others, while others may need more time to settle into a pose. An experienced, professional newborn photographer acknowledges this variability and approaches each session with patience and flexibility. They respond to the baby’s cues, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment throughout the shoot.  The sessions should be baby led at all times.  

Beyond 21 Days: Embracing Reality

Sometimes, life doesn’t go according to plan, and newborn photoshoots may need to be scheduled beyond the three-week window. While babies become less sleepy and more alert as they grow, there are still plenty of opportunities for capturing beautiful moments. “Older newborns” can still be wrapped and posed up to 7 weeks old and their little details and personalities can be captured and shared for a lifetime as well.  

Safety First: Prioritizing Comfort and Well-being

Regardless of the timing of the photoshoot, safety is paramount. Professional, experienced newborn photographers are trained to handle and pose babies safely, using posing supports and props specifically designed for newborn photography. They ensure that the studio environment is warm and comfortable, mimicking the womb environment to help keep babies calm and content throughout the session.

Ultimately – The best time to take newborn photos is within the first three weeks of life. During this time, babies are typically sleepier, more settled, and easier to pose, resulting in those timeless, heartwarming images that parents cherish forever. However, every baby is unique, and flexibility is key. Whether it’s within the first three weeks or beyond, capturing the essence of your newborn is a priceless endeavor that celebrates the beauty of new life. 

As a professional, highly experienced Long Island newborn photographer I can capture amazing images from a few days old up to the days leading up to infancy. So, schedule that photoshoot, embrace the journey, and treasure those precious moments for a lifetime.



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