Why We Shouldn’t Use the Word Cheap When Looking For a Newborn Photographer

I want you to think about this:

People using the terms “don’t want to spend an arm and a leg” and “won’t break the bank” when looking for a newborn photographer who they obviously want to be CHEAP in price.  

So … you’re looking for someone to photograph your sweet miracle who is cheap, alright then.  

Do you know the photographer doesn’t  just hold their camera and snap a pic, right? 

It doesn’t work that way.  

They literally have to handle, pose and safely spot (meaning they have to watch for baby’s sudden movements, startle reflexes and more and KNOW the signs of when those are coming) your tiny, fragile, miracle human that you prayed for, changed your life for, waited YEARS for, your body literally rearranged for, maybe waited YEARS and YEARS for.  A miracle that grew INSIDE you or your surrogate or a mom you adopted from for months and months.  

Think about that.  

For 280 days, give or take, a tiny human develops and grows inside the body.  The body changes and adjusts in so many amazing ways to accommodate this awesomeness.  Maybe you waited 280 days for that amazing surrogate to grow your baby, or waited patiently to finally adopt your baby all to complete your family.  Bottom line is a baby spends 76.71% of a YEAR or approximately 280 days growing and getting ready for its life outside the womb.  

Now you have this beautiful miracle after all this time of waiting.  You want to remember every moment, every detail for the rest of your life because remember they’re only this teeny tiny for a split second of a time in the scheme of things.  This sweet baby with all its tiny features, so fragile and innocent.  Blink and they’re toddlers, blink again and they’re teens, etc.

Now with all that being said, when you’re looking for a person, specifically a newborn photographer, who will be physically handling, moving and posing your baby I HIGHLY suggest doing your research and focusing on words like Extensive Experience, Insured, Professional – all those big fangled words that are actually super important.

Ask. All. The. Questions. If someone can’t answer your questions, move on.  

It’s understandable that everyone has a budget when it comes to this “luxury” service.  Photography isn’t a necessity (I mean I think it is but I’m a photographer) but it is a necessity if you want to always remember moments and points in time.  It’s almost a travesty to use the word cheap, look for the cheapest and use phrases like “won’t break the bank”, “doesn’t cost an arm and a leg” when looking for someone to handle your baby.  Look for photographers who’s work you love and then ask if they have payment plans, you’d be surprised how many do (I do!).  There are payment plans for everything these days so I like to offer them so that someone who loves my work but might be on a budget can still be able to work with me.  

So the moral of the story is think about what “cheap” looks like, feels like, sounds like especially after all you went through.  As they say, you get what you pay for.  Do your research, be thorough – remember you waited a long time for this baby.  You did so much to get to this place.  Do you really want the person who doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and maybe doesn’t even truly know what they’re doing handling your baby?  Something to think about.  


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